About us

At  revertia we are pioneers in the processes for preparing for reuse, which is the best treatment option, in accordance with the principle of hierarchy in waste management. The objective sought is that electronic devices can have a second life, thus reducing, through their reconditioning, the notable environmental impact that this type of waste generates. If its reuse is not possible, the device is disassembled to allocate the different components for subsequent recycling.

With offices in Vigo and Madrid, we provide responses tailored to the specific needs of each client with national coverage.


Our mission is to convert an obligation of companies in the field of waste management into an action of corporate social responsibility, always guaranteeing compliance with environmental regulations. As a company aligned with the circular economy, we are committed to considering waste as resources, always returning them to the production circuit, either through reuse or recycling. In the case of computer scientists, we propose the delivery of a percentage of those reconditioned to projects of social interest, promoting social responsibility among our clients.

Our team

At revertia we have a highly qualified team of professionals in the various disciplines and specialty areas of the company. Thanks to them, we have the necessary capabilities to offer the best quality service and attention to our clients. Our staff consists of:

  • Technicians specialized in reusing technological components of computers and other computer equipment.
  • Professionals with experience in CSR, waste management, data protection and environmental legislation.


Our Philosophy and Strategy

Our mission is to convert the obligation placed on companies by the WEEE regulations into a Corporate Social Responsibility opportunity through the re-use of IT equipment for charitable purposes. We strive to be a market leader in the re-use of WEEE and to thereby contribute to achieving the aims of the current environmental legislation as well as caring for the environment. We also promote the implementation of active corporate Social Responsibility policies. To this end, we carry out our business activity guided by the values of quality, professionalism, care for the environment, trust and transparency, among others.

This philosophy is integrated into Revertia’s business strategy which is itself based on four fundamental guidelines: