About us

REVERTIA2Revertia is a pioneer in the processes of preparing waste for re-use, the preferred treatment option, in accordance with the principles of waste management hierarchy. Most of the equipment treated in our facilities can often have a second life so our philosophy, in line with the idea of a circular economy, is that goods should be re-used, recovered or, if not possible,  be dismantled and recycled in a continuous circle. In this way one person’s waste becomes another’s recycled resources and raw materials

How to find us

With bases in Vigo and Madrid we provide solutions adapted to the specific needs of each customer. We offer national coverage and our final goal is to transform the legal obligation for correct management of waste into an opportunity for social responsibility.


We are authorized to manage the treatment of hazardous and non-hazardous materials in the Autonomous Communities of  Galicia y Madrid.

Our Team


We have a team of professionals with a wealth of experience in waste management, environmental legislation and corporate social responsibility policies in charge of helping our clients comply with the current legislation and informing our clients and other stakeholders of their primary obligations as waste producers. We also have a technical team who are experts in the re-use of technological components from computers and other auxiliary IT devices. They are in charge of valorising and ensuring that received appliances are given a new lease of life.

Furthermore, we also promote social responsibility among our clients by proposing that their old equipment which can be recovered should be donated to charitable projects in their name.

Our Philosophy and Strategy

Our mission is to convert the obligation placed on companies by the WEEE regulations into a Corporate Social Responsibility opportunity through the re-use of IT equipment for charitable purposes. We strive to be a market leader in the re-use of WEEE and to thereby contribute to achieving the aims of the current environmental legislation as well as caring for the environment. We also promote the implementation of active corporate Social Responsibility policies. To this end, we carry out our business activity guided by the values of quality, professionalism, care for the environment, trust and transparency, among others.

This philosophy is integrated into Revertia’s business strategy which is itself based on four fundamental guidelines:


Quality, Environment and Information Security Policy

Revertia is firmly and decisively committed to sustainable development, offering the best quality in the services offered and assuming a commitment to respect and protect the environment. All this guaranteeing the security of the information of the media received. For this reason we have implemented an Integrated System of Quality, Environment and Information Security based on the standardsUNE-EN ISO 9001, UNE-EN IS0 14001 y UNE-ISO/IEC 27001.

This quality, environment and information security policy is understood, implemented, maintained and revised across all levels of the organization. It is overseen by the Board so that, with the effort and dedication of all members of staff we can contribute to sustainable development in our society