residuos_lhSolutions for Waste Management

Revertia provides a range of solutions for any organization needing to ensure that their activities are in compliance with the current European Union, Spanish and Autonomous Community legislation and which needs to implement a series of environmental procedures to bring this into effect.

Environmental legislation at Autonomous Community, National and EU levels is increasingly wide-reaching and complex and requires high levels of knowledge and competence to both keep up-to-date and to understand the latest techniques and treatments applicable to each kind of waste with the aim that any organization can attain this compliance with the greatest efficiency and the highest respect for the environment.

Solutions for Consultancy and Environmental Services

As well as the actual environmental management and treatment of the waste managed by Revertia, we offer the following consultancy and environmental services:


Environmental auditing and / or reporting:
For public administrations and businesses in order to comply with current legislation satisfactorily, optimize decision-making on issues related to cost reduction and detect potential environmental risks arising from their productive activity.


Studies and Formalities:
To obtain authorization for the management of hazardous and / or non-hazardous waste.



Energy Audits:
buildings, industries, municipalities and companies with the objective of improving energy efficiency, economic competitivity and to contribute to the European Union 2020 objective of 20% savings in energy consumption and new improvements in energy efficiency beyond 2020.