Life cycle analysis

Life cycle analysis

The life cycle analysis (LCA) is a tool that is used to evaluate the environmental loads associated with a product taking into account its complete cycle. It is a methodology that identifies, quantifies and characterizes the different potential environmental impacts associated with each of the stages of a product’s life cycle.

The analysis methodology follows the framework of the ISO 14040: 2006 standard for life cycle analysis studies, updating impact calculation methods and databases for the preparation of the life cycle inventory.

At revertia we carry out the LCA of our waste management processes, being one of the most innovative elements of our service offer by providing indicators of avoided environmental impact, including the carbon footprint that allows us to quantify the positive impact on CO2 emissions avoided as a result of the reuse activities of obsolete devices versus the manufacture of new equipment. This allows us to provide our clients with proven indicators that can be incorporated into their management reports.


Calculate your Carbon Footprint

We help you calculate, identify and reduce your CO2 emissions by managing and recycling your technological and electronic waste. Calculate your Carbon Footprint here: